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Xiong Da-Tech (China) started its career in the early 1990s. In 1992, after Deng Xiaoping's speech on the Southern Tour, Xiong Da (China) began to develop. More than 20 years later, China's economy has made remarkable achievements. With the rapid development of China's economy, the company has also made rapid and healthy development. Today, in China, we have more than 22 wholly-owned or controlled PC polycarbonate, anti-corrosion tile and synthetic resin tile enterprises, and nearly 20 lighting board companies with total assets of about 1 billion yuan.
Xiong Da Science and Technology (China) has been developing for more than 20 years, which is the process of continuous development and expansion of the company, and putting the concept of "green endurance board" into practice, which integrates lighting and anti-corrosion of endurance board. Of course, the course of development is not smooth sailing, we have encountered many difficulties and setbacks. However, with the concern and support of all sectors of society, Xiong Da Science and Technology (China) has always strived to move forward, constantly challenging the limits and pursuing perfection!
With the vigorous development of China's economy, China's sunshine panels and anti-corrosion panels are in a period of rapid development. Xiong Da (China), as the only Chinese enterprise among the top ten lighting and anti-corrosion tiles in the world, has always been committed to inheriting the Chinese endurance board civilization and using modern technology to realize the green cycle of the sunshine board industry. Through the integration of lighting panels and anti-corrosion tiles, Xiong Da (China) is constantly promoting the modernization of lighting panels in China through its own efforts and practice. Particularly in the protection of natural resources and ecological environment, Xiong Da (China) has been investing huge amounts of money to innovate the science and technology of sunshine panels in order to achieve the harmonious development of the industry of endurance panels with nature, ecology and society.
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