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The bright color of the sun board and the material light add beautiful tone and structural safety of the bathroom wall.
Sunshine board can do many kinds of color, transparent, blue, gray, white, brown, red, blue and grey, and so on, and the surrounding environment of harmony is symmetrical, so to expand the space of the bathroom. The bathroom bulkhead used to be too heavy and fragile, leading to a lot of safety accidents, but the sun board's PC weight is small, only 1.2, and the thickness of the thick core is 1.2kg, which is 1/5 of the glass. because of Moving the door plank move many times a day, it is easily damaged and broken, it must choose beautiful and easy, light material, good resistance to impact, convenient processing of materials, so the bear greatly bathroom, machining after many experiments, research the bear greatly brand endurance plate and hollow sunshine board do door to door plank, provides the high-quality service for the market. Original article, legal protection. For details, please consult the official  website of xiongdada

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